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Delipap and the environment

Environmental values are taken into account in all our operations. We are constantly in close cooperation with our raw material suppliers in order to find increasingly environment-friendly solutions for materials. We also use ever thinner materials. Our principal raw material, pulp, does not contain optical brighteners. Instead of chlorine derivatives, pulp is bleached using an oxygen bleaching method that is friendly to the skin and the environment. The wood used to produce the pulp is not harvested from old-growth forests; it comes from certified forests where no large-scale clear cutting is carried out.

No chemicals are added to our products during manufacture, and our production causes no emissions into the environment or water bodies. The heat generated during the production process is used to heat the factory premises. We apply state-of-the-art manufacturing technology to minimize energy consumption. For packaging material, we use biodegradable plastic or polyethylene and cardboard, which are suitable for recycling or combustion.